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Vista Unified School District’s Academic Performance is Failing our Kids, 25% don’t even graduate.

Cipriano Vargas, President of the Vista Unified School Board, has presided over a massive decline in graduation rates from 83% in 2012 to a dismal 74.5% in 2021. Only 36.5% of High Schoolers are considered “College Ready.”

According to state test scores, just 37% of students are proficient in math and only 50% in reading.

Our kids aren’t learning math or how to read. This is an unmitigated disaster. Cipriano Vargas and the entire School Board should be ashamed of the district’s performance.

Graduation Rate of Vista Unified according to U.S News and World Report (article linked below)
29.5% of students do not complete High School in Vista Unified in 2020 (linked below)

Cipriano Vargas presides over a failed school district that is cheating our kids of the education they deserve. Cipriano Vargas not only shouldn’t be elected Mayor of Vista, but he should be recalled from the School Board, along with every member of the School Board.

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