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Vargas’ Tax Hikes will Crush Working Families

Cipriano Vargas has a history of supporting high taxes that have hurt working families. These taxes have contributed to the increasing unaffordability of living in San Diego County.

While employed as a labor organizer for SEIU 221, SEIU supported increasing the gas tax in 2018. In 2018, Cipriano Vargas supported the 12 cent per gallon tax hike on gas.

Vargas supports the SANDAG Regional Transportation Plan which includes the VMT and sales tax. He also has endorsements and has received donations from organizations that also supported the Transportation Plan.

Vargas works closely with the group CPI (Center on Policy Initiatives) in his role at the county. CPI and its affiliated partners which include San Diego 350 endorsed the Transportation Plan.

Many of the labor groups that endorsed the .5 sales tax as part of the group “Let’s Go San Diego” endorsed Vargas. This includes the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) 569, San Diego Building & Trades Construction Council, and San Diego Laborers 89

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