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Vargas Demands local city accept hundreds of imported transient occupants, many with felony criminal warrants. Fails to stand up for City’s rights.

County taxpayer-funded political operative Cipriano Vargas calls for County take-over of city’s motels. Demands cities accept hundreds of transients from unincorporated SD County in local motels.

The County of San Diego is sending hundreds of transients, some with felony warrants to the city of El Cajon, in a County funded program. Just 5% of the County’s homeless population comes from El Cajon, but now houses 43% of those on the voucher program.

The County of San Diego has unfairly targeted El Cajon’s motels, and cities like Vista could easily be next. Cipriano Vargas is attacking El Cajon for resisting a takeover of its motels and objecting to the County overwhelming El Cajon’s social service network with hundreds of new transients.

According to Mayor Bill Wells, drugs and crime have increased in El Cajon around the hotels that were part of the voucher program. In one day, El Cajon Police arrested ten people, many with felony warrants. Others arrested including a woman harboring a fugitive and a number of individuals who had drugs and drug-making materials.

The city of El Cajon has more homeless beds per capita than any other city in the County and spends more money per capita. Cities like El Cajon are doing their part, but according to Cipriano Vargas, it’s not enough.

According to his own twitter account, Cipriano Vargas is indifferent to the concerns of El Cajon. How can we count on him to stand up for Vista if the County decides to do the same here?

Twitter Statement from AG Rob Bonta on El Cajon (liked by Cipriano Vargas)

Continuation of Rob Bonta Statement on Twitter

Cipriano Vargas and his boss, Terra Lawson-Remer, could have stood up for El Cajon. Instead, they ignored El Cajon’s concerns and forced another city’s problem on them.

As a county taxpayer-funded political operative, how can we trust Cipriano Vargas to stand up for Vista if the city is ever at odds with the County?

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